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5 Most Common Workplace Injuries and How an Injury at Work Lawyer Can Help

Workplace injuries happen all the time, so if you’ve been in one, you don’t want to skip filing the paperwork. 

There’s nothing worse than being in pain and still having to wake up early and go to work. Instead of navigating legal work while dealing with pain and responsibilities, hire an injury at work lawyer. You will be compensated for any inconvenience or discomfort you’ve endured. 

If you want to learn more about getting help after a workplace injury, keep reading! 

What Are the Most Common Types of Workplace Accidents? 

There are a variety of ways someone can get hurt on the job, and if you aren’t at fault, you can file a compensation claim.

Getting a paper cut while rushing through work might not be enough to qualify as a workplace injury, but you should understand what does. Injuries can impact your comfort and health, but they can also disrupt your lifestyle. Certain types of injuries have continuously appeared in court, which can give you confidence about having a case. 

Take a look at the most frequent workplace accidents below! 

1. Overexertion

One of the most underrated injuries to occur in the workplace is overexertion.

It can be a challenge to pinpoint the cause of certain aches and pains, but repetitive movements are often to blame. Overexertion can happen to the mind and body and cause long-term, debilitating pain. If these issues aren’t treated, they can impact productivity and make it difficult to go about normal activities. 

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Repetitive tasks and minimal breaks often result in overexertion. Breaks and stretching might help you get through the day, but you don’t want to overlook your exhaustion. If you’re dealing with too much discomfort, an attorney might be able to hold your company accountable with a health and safety policy. 

2. Slips & Falls 

Wet floor signs play a key role in the workplace, and if they aren’t around, you have a strong case.

Whether something wasn’t cleaned properly or the floor was over-waxed, the company is liable for slip and fall injuries. In 2021, hundreds of thousands of employees dealt with injuries from the workplace. This is one of the most common types of cases that workplace injury attorneys deal with. 

Aside from slipping, tripping hazards can also fall into this category. Sprains, broken bones, and even strained muscles can be enough of an injury to get compensation. 

3. Vehicle Accidents 

Many jobs involve driving and regardless of your time on the road, you might qualify for compensation. 

Delivery drivers, contractors, and many other careers involve driving around, which can put people at risk. If you’ve been in a vehicle accident while clocked in, you can open a compensation claim. Although you’ll have to take the issue to the courts, you can get help paying for repairs or medical bills.

If you recently had an auto accident at work and are having trouble moving around, contact SJ Injury Law

4. Workplace Violence

No matter how much training employees go through, sometimes it isn’t enough to keep emotions under control. 

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Workplace violence happens in all types of industries and offices. Not everyone will get along, especially when they are dealing with stress at work and things from home. Whether you were directly involved in the fight or not, you can get compensation for any suffering you endured. 

Even if you weren’t injured at work, you still may have a valid case. Trauma and increased stress can hinder your mental health and ability to care for yourself. Talking to an attorney will give you an idea about how to proceed with your case when you’re in a vulnerable state. 

5. Getting Struck by Equipment 

Safety policies aren’t always followed and materials weaken and break all the time in the workplace. 

When cranes, forklifts, and other materials are used at work, they become liable for hitting employees. If you have been struck by moving equipment at work, whether it was an accident or not, you shouldn’t be left paying the bills on your own. Falling boxes, materials, and ductwork are typically involved in these cases, but many injuries fall into the category. 

How Can an Injury at Work Lawyer Help You?

If you’ve been injured at work and aren’t sure where to find help, an attorney’s office will prepare you. 

An injury at work lawyer can provide consultation that’s specific to your case. Since details vary among injuries, you need someone at your side who can navigate the legal process. A local attorney understands how judges handle these issues in your county, which will increase your risk of success. 

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Aside from consultation, your attorney will also represent you in court. Since it’s easy to say the wrong things or overlook legal details, you don’t want to get blindsided. Legal representation improves your odds of winning a case, especially if you find a reputable attorney. 

Diving into Documents 

Legal documents can get confusing, and there’s always more than one step. 

Asking for help with legal paperwork will get you nowhere unless you work with an attorney. Attorneys will provide legal guidance and already understand what paperwork must be completed. If they don’t know, they will also have a team and professional resources to find out. 

Filing the wrong document or checking the wrong box can impact your case negatively. Legal delays can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t getting paid for work while dealing with injuries. The sooner you complete and file your paperwork with the courts, the quicker you can find a solution to your ailments. 

Heal from Injuries Without Stress 

With an injury at work lawyer, you can focus on healing and recovery instead of regulations. 

Attorneys who are experienced with health and safety policies can ensure you get paid for your discomfort and/or inability to work. Regardless of the type of injury, you should never be left handling the results on your own. Find legal help and remove the additional stress with a team by your side. 

Check out our blog for more info on legal issues and getting compensated for injuries!

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