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Charged with Stunt Driving?

Stunt driving is an illegal act characterized by engaging in various risky behaviours that include going 50 km/h over the speed limit, participating in street racing and performing wheelies. Penalties for stunt driving include seizure of your vehicle and fines up to $10,000 as well as license suspension or even jail time.


Stunt driving refers to any form of dangerous driving behavior which demonstrates disregard for road rules and other road users, often with disastrous results for all parties involved. Even first-time offenders face expensive monetary fines, license suspension and demerit points as punishments; under Bill 282, Moving Ontarians More Safely Act introduced in July 2021 the insurance consequences associated with conviction increase exponentially.

As penalties can range up to six months in jail time depending on the severity of an offense, stunt driving charges could result in higher insurance rates or even cancellation or listing as high-risk driver by insurers. When charged with stunt driving in Canada, this offense has long-lasting ramifications; once summonsed for such activity by law enforcement officials they issue you a summons compelling you to appear in court to face these allegations against you and require that an experienced legal team defends your case at this mandatory appearance in court.

License Suspension

Stunt Driving is an extremely serious offense that could result in significant penalties such as license suspension, increased car insurance rates and even jail time if found guilty.

While police may charge drivers with both stunt driving and careless driving offenses, stunt driving tends to receive greater priority due to its severity and higher penalties. Both charges can be challenged successfully with legal help from law firms that specialize in traffic tickets in order to minimize the effects of conviction.

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Importantly, licence suspension will not occur immediately following being charged with stunt driving; rather, it will occur once their case has reached court and been adjourned – often several weeks or months post-charge. How long the suspension lasts depends on how often an offense repeats; second offenses lead to three year license suspension while subsequent offenses can result in lifetime licence revocations.

Insurance Rates

Stunt driving is an extremely serious offense that can incur heavy fines, license suspension and the total loss of your vehicle. Conviction for stunt driving will also significantly raise insurance rates as it will remain on your driving abstract for three years.

Contrary to popular media depictions of street racing and stunt driving, its rules are actually much broader. Any form of dangerous or careless driving could constitute a stunt driving event – this includes anything from squealing tires while stopped to crashing or drifting out of control or operating the vehicle from somewhere other than its driver’s seat (commonly referred to as ghost riding).

An incident of stunt driving can seriously compromise your ability to find affordable insurance, and will remain on your driving record for an extended period. As soon as charged, consult a legal professional about possible legal remedies for you; practicing defensive driving techniques is one of the best ways to keep premiums down.

Court Dates

Charged with stunt driving (street racing) in Canada can be a serious offense that carries significant fines, license suspension and insurance rate increases. Under section 172(1) of the Highway Traffic Act, this crime includes anything from exceeding an 80 km/h speed limit in an area to racing or performing stunts for bets, contests or wagers.

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As soon as you’re facing stunt driving charges, it is vital that you hire an attorney with experience to prepare your defence. Your legal representative should review the police officer’s disclosure and create a strategy for trial. Stunt driving charges that depend on officers’ observations can often contain subjective elements which can be challenged effectively by an experienced legal representative; successful defence may result in dismissal or reduced penalties – often only the stunt driving offense itself will be prosecuted instead of careless driving due to more severe repercussions.

In conclusion, being charged with stunt driving іn North York can have serious consequences, including hefty fines, license suspension, and increased insurance rates. It’s crucial tо seek legal assistance from experienced Stunt Driving Lawyers іn North York tо defend your case effectively and potentially minimize the penalties. Their expertise can help navigate the legal process and protect your rights throughout the proceedings.

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